November 1-3, 2013


The Lamp Light Music Festival is a house show concert series that takes place in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is designed as a celebration of local music, community and art and is an experiment in social practice.

Having concerts in living rooms ultimately breaks down the barrier of separation between artist and audience member and puts everyone at ease within a comfortable environment.

Our mission is to help make this means of sharing become more prevalent in our society and build stronger community. We believe that this is the most intimate way to share the craft of music and song. Artisan culture is of huge importance to us at this festival which will feature crafts from local artists for sale and visual art openings at each house.


Nov. 1st, 2nd and 3rd


The Eastown Neighborhood of GR:
The Bird House : 622 benjamin
The Hen House : 520 benjamin
The Neighborhood House : 1351 sigsbee
House of Pancakes : 1241 sigsbee
Wafflehouse : 1237 sigsbee


To provide a culturally rich, positive, inspiring experience that features Michigan's beautiful bounty of music and artisan culture within the incredible and historic architecture of Eastown. To offer a creative, supportive environment for independent musicians to share their work with the community and to foster a collaborative, cooperative culture among musicians, artists and community members.


A small group of artists meets throughout the year and put in tons of hours organizing. A team of volunteers assemble before, during and after the Festival to facilititate the process with hard work, kindness and expertise. Folks come and pay the admission fee to attend the Festival. A handful of sponsors contribute to the event on a variety of levels to make it financially viable for both the artists and the attendees.

The Lamp Light Music Festival Features:

Free Water
25+ bands on the bill
Food from local farms
local eastown craft vendors offering handcrafted art, woodcuts, leatherwork and more
5 "stages"
Zero Waste event including Recycling and Composting
Roving musicians
A practice space for performers