November 1-3, 2013
These five venues will serve as the five stages for the 2013 Lamp Light Music Festival, and as such they will be the backdrop for a weekend full of community. Moreover, they'll play their own unique role serving as the five hosts for the connections made between artists and audiences, friends and acquaintances, neighbors and out-of-towners.

Each house has its own unique identity fostering a setting unlike any other venue. A living room is just that - the place where the intimacy of our home comes to a crossroads with the outside world we elect to invite in. For three days this will be a good deal of hustle and bustle entering the living spaces of five households framed by their inhabitants opening their doors, without whom Lamp Light would not be possible.

If nothing else, remember as you step across each threshold that you are entering into a marvelous event. The intimacy of a house show is matched only by the strength of collective connection. These five dwellings are as much apart of the festival as any of the art, music, workshops, or meals and as such by entering them we owe both respect and celebration of their sacred space. By doing so, we return the cultivation of art and community back into the home.

Join Lamp Light Music Festival 2013 in bringing the neighborhood together in a celebration of this collective cultivation.