Ty Maxon

Sunday - 1:00p - Bird House

Ty Maxon is a Michigan native currently residing in Chicago. He has been featured on NPR’s The Morning Shift as well as Daytrotter, who named Maxon’s “I Will Die Tonight” one of the best songs of 2014. He is currently recording his next full-length LP, “Rooms Within Rooms,” to be released early next year.

Calling Of The Crows is definitely a record that needs to be listened to in its entirety. Just checking out a couple songs doesn’t really give you the full effect. Luckily after about a minute of the first track, “To Theoda,” you won’t want to turn it off. Instead it will take over your headspace and flow through your body until it quietly drifts away with the final notes of the seven and a half minute “Mostly Everything.” It leaves you asking, like Maxon himself, “What have you done to me?”
-Music. Defined.

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Ty Maxon