Arrow Hill

Saturday - 4:30p - Sage House

The Earth sings a frequency that allows flowers to bloom, birds to migrate, and fetuses hearts to begin beating. Before the first radio tower was erected or the first vinyl pressed – rhythm was timeless. As if the singer leapt into a river of song as the air passed the vocal chords with a genuine splash of communion into a melody that always was. Isn’t this the true spirit of music, to discover with another the great mystery of rhythm that we together dance through life. As I grew up in Thailand I placed my feet in many ancient spaces that were overgrown with humanity’s modern superior view. I could see the wonders crawl out in myths like a dream juxtaposed to the dull grey that I was educated as reality.

Music was never intended to be put on a display in a vase behind glass, or awarded with trophies, or defined by a single artist, track, or genre. No, it always has been an experience that we all as children of creation came forward with the parts we were given and then delighted in the outcome of one another. Arrow Hill is a family and you are invited to the table to participate in an oldtime way of understanding that we all have the same design and love for sharing in this wonder that is rhythm, melody, and harmony.

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