Abigail Lapell

Saturday - 9:00p - Sage House

Abigail Lapell is a Canadian folk-noir singer-songwriter based in Toronto. A fluid lyricist and multi-instrumentalist, Lapell draws freely from folk-roots, indie and punk-rock traditions. Her story-songs are unapologetic and unguarded, carried by the sound of her wintry voice, harmonica, piano and steel-string guitar. Likened to such greats as Will Oldham and Gillian Welch, Lapell’s performance is passionate and sentimental without being maudlin. She will release her sophomore album, Hide Nor Hair, in early 2017.

“There’s beauty indeed in the smoke that flows from her lungs, the way her words disperse storms, set the sky to gently falling.”
– Sean Michaels, Said the Gramophone

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Abigail Lapel

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