Sprouts and Nutrition</br>w. Derek Coop
Sprouts and Nutrition
w. Derek Coop
  • It has been said that while sprouting, vegetables tend to provide more energy and nutrients than at any other time in their lifecycle. It is hugely cost-effective to begin the DIY method of sprouting at home and greatly beneficial to one's health. The Sprouting and Nutrition workshop will cover the basic and easy ways to take advantage of this nutritional treasure all year long. Wroblewski will teach you how nourishing it is to incorporate sprouts into your diet while demonstrating how to get started growing, maintaining your sprouts and storing them to keep fresh. Guests will be able to taste-test samples provided. Woot woot!

  • You might recognize Matt Wroblewski cycling around Grand Rapids or managing cookery at Harvest Gathering. Wroblewski is an avid lover of cats, internet humor, woodsy retreats and is a fine chef in the kitchen. Being someone who can go into a space with bare essentials and prepare a fantastic meal, with a great attitude and imagination, we welcome his expertise to Lamp Light this year to share his resourceful nutrition wisdom.