Flower Essences 101</br>and a conversation</br>about self care</br>w. Rachel Dawson Knapp
Flower Essences 101
and a conversation
about self care
w. Rachel Dawson Knapp
  • Bring yourself, your friends, positive vibes and a listening ear to learn about Flower Essences and how they may be used in the process of self care and healing. Our bodies hold stories about our past traumas, whether emotional or physical. Pain and sensation are often indicators that we have not integrated an experience. Dawson Knapp offers some of her wisdom as it pertains to living slowly and taking in each moment. Challenging her audience to take greater measures to care for themselves regularly, she hopes to inspire people to begin not only making their own flower essences at home, but implementing the use of them within their daily routine as well.

  • Rachel Dawson Knapp is a lover of the Great Lakes, hiker, tree-hugger and a yoga enthusiast who enjoys traveling and listening to NPR podcasts. Working within the Grand Rapids Wellness Collective as a natural health therapist, Rachel specializes in craniosacral therapy, flower essences and herbal therapy to support each of her client’s unique process of healing. Lamp Light welcomes Rachel to share her knowledge of holistic healing. Connect with her at: www.racheldawsonknapp.com